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Screen Printing Machines

1 Colour-1 Print Bed table-top screen printer £299.00+VAT

2 Colour-1 Print Bed table-top screen printer £499.00+VAT

4 Colour-2 Print Bed floor standing carousel
screen printer £999.00+VAT

4 Colour-4 Print Bed floor standing carousel screen printer £1299.00+VAT

5 Colour-4 Print Bed floor standing carousel screen printer £1399.00+VAT

6 Colour-4 Print Bed floor standing carousel screen printer £1499.00+VAT

Exposure Units

Basic Exposure Unit for making screens

UV Ultra Vacuum Exposure Unit for making screens £582.00+VAT


Spot Dryer £450.00+VAT*

* These two items are only available with the purchase of a screen printing machine as they are manufactured at the same time.

Please Note:

Our Carousel Systems are made to order with a lead time of about 4 weeks from receipt of deposit.  However, we often keep a 1 and 2 colour machines in stock as well as a 6 colour-4 board machine.

1) Vellum Artwork Paper for Laser Printers
   (20 x A4 Sheets) £12.00+VAT
2) 1kg Degrease Paste £25.00+VAT
3) 1kg Screen Emulsion £27.00+VAT
4) Emulsion Removing Paste £25.00+VAT
5) Ghost Removing Paste £25.00+VAT
6) Screen wash (5 Litres) £30.00+VAT
    (This item cannot be shipped abroad)
7) Spray Bottle £3.00+VAT
8) Screen Cleaning Brush £16.00+VAT
9) 6” Palette Knife £20.00+VAT
10) Paper Ink Mixing Cups (20) £4.00+VAT
11) Latex Gloves (12 Pairs) £3.00+VAT
12) Hot Tak Board Spray £18.00+VAT (Cannot be shipped abroad)
13) Aluminium Coating Trough (12” wide) £25.00+VAT
14) Wooden Frame 43T Mesh Screens 24” x 19” £25.00+VAT each
* 15) Squeegee 10” Medium Blade £23.00+VAT each *
16) Athletic White Plastisol Ink (1L) £32.00+VAT
17) Super Black Plastisol Ink (1L) £32.00+VAT
18) Super Red Plastisol Ink (1L) £36.00+VAT
18) Royal Blue Plastisol Ink (1L) £32.00+VAT
20) Dallas Green Plastisol Ink (1L) £32.00+VAT
21) Lemon Yellow Plastisol Yellow Ink (1L) £32.00+VAT

* These are priced per item. Therefore if you are looking to print four colours using a four colour machine, then you will ideally require at least 4 Screens and 4 Squeegees for the different coloured inks. The same goes for 5 or 6 colour machines etc.


A) We are unable to ship items 6 and 12 abroad due to airline     regulations.
B) There is an additional packing charge of £100.00+VAT for     Carousel Machines/Packages but
not 1 or 2 colour machines.

   (If collecting from our premises without packaging, then there     will naturally be no packing charge as such)
C) Shipping Charges are also extra and can be advised on     request.
D) This package can be modified to suit your individual     requirements.
E) We reserve the right to change the package or machine design     without prior notice.
F) The inks included in the above package are great for light and     dark garments.
    These inks can also be used to produce cold peel transfers.     Other ink colours are available on request.   
G) Thick sponge and heavy sheets of safety glass will be required     when making/exposing screens.  These items are not supplied      by us and can easily be sourced locally (i.e. from Upholstery      shops and Glaziers).

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