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Artwork Preparation

Artwork and graphics preparation are the key to
achieving high quality screen printing.

If you are serious about starting a screen printing business, then you will need to learn the fundamentals of graphics and artwork preparation.  A lack of understanding at this stage will lead to a poor quality screen, which will lead to poor quality printing - it is really as simple as that!

When you purchase any screen printing equipment from us, you will be supplied with a free 30 page pdf guide as an e-mail attachment, you can then save and read this on your PC/monitor. You may also print it out using your own printer. No hard copies or books are supplied as such.

Unlike others, we are not just machine suppliers, but are here to ensure that you get a good understanding of the process of creating graphics and artwork as your screen printing will ultimately depend on these two key factors. The screen printing process, in our opinion, is the easy part (anyone can pull a squeegee), but the key really lies in graphics and artwork preparation.

So what will you hope to learn from this pdf guide?

Spot colour artwork (singe colour)
Photorealistic artwork  (full colour)
Handling customer’s own artwork
Creating print film positives
Computer graphics
Film output devices (e.g. Laser printers, Inkjet Printers etc).
Software/graphics programmes
Using clipart
Colour separation (for multi-colour printing)
Spot colour vs Process Colour printing
Advanced screen printing techniques ...
plus much more!

Get this lot right and you should end up producing
high quality screen printed t-shirts!

PS. Another bonus when you purchase your screen printing machine from Creative Printers of London; we will give you a link to download free graphics software! This is subject to availability by the promoters of this software.