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The Equipment

What to opt for by way of equipment, very much depends on your budget and what you wish to achieve.

For example, if you are on a tight budget, then as a basic minimum, you will require a one colour table-top screen printing machine along with an exposure unit for making your own screen. You may not require a ‘Spot Dryer’ as you could use air drying inks instead of ‘Plastisol inks’ which require heat to dry.

Of course on top of the basic equipment, you will also require a Screen(s), Degreasing Paste, Emulsion, Screen Cleaner, Coating Trough, Artwork Paper, Inks etc. We can supply many of these items along with the purchase of your equipment. Please click here for details.

If you wish to print in multiple colours, then you will require one of our ‘Carousel’ systems. They are called Carousel because the screens and
All our screen printing machines and spot dryers are proudly hand made in the UK. On our carousel screen printing machines, the screens rotate allowing you to select the next colour and so on. On the larger machines (eg. 4, 5 and 6 colour floor standing machines), the print beds also rotate independently of the screens. This is important because as your print one colour, you need to rotate the t-shirt (whilst still on the board) underneath the spot dryer to cure the ink before you apply the next colour on top.

Our carousel machines pack many features only often found on much more expensive machines. For example, they have micro adjustments allowing you to fine tune the settings and to make sure that others colours align up correctly.  Also, the screen holder is adjustable allowing you to micro adjust the screen settings and even making allowances for any warped screen frames (this can happened to wooden frames the more you clean and wash them. This is not an issue with aluminium frames).

Strong arm tension springs, high quality bearings and all metal mechanism makes our screen printing machines a  real workhorse for any busy print shop!

1 Colour table-top

2 Colour - 1 bed table-top

Spot Dryer

Vacuum Exposure Unit

Budget Exposure Unit

Click here for Consumables to add onto your equipment


A) We are unable to ship item number 10 abroad.
B) There is an additional packing charge of £100.00+VAT     for Carousel Machines/Packages but not single colour     machines.
C) Shipping Charges are also extra and
    can be advised on request.
D) This package can be modified to suit
     your individual requirements.
E) We reserve the right to change the package or     machine design without prior notice.
F) The inks included in the above package are great for     light and dark garments.
    These inks can also be used to produce cold peel     transfers. Other ink colours are available on request. G) Thick sponge and heavy sheets of safety glass will     be required when making/exposing screens.
    These items are not supplied by us and can easily be     sourced locally (From Upholstery and Glaziers).

Screen wash or anything contained in an pressurised can cannot be shipped abroad by air.

4 Colour - 2 Board = £999.00+VAT In Stock
4 Colour - 4 Board = £1299.00+VAT
To Order
5 Colour - 4 Board = £1399.00+VAT
To Order
6 Colour - 4 Board = £1599.00+VAT
To Order

Carousel Systems
from 4 to 6 colours

An animation showing how a carousel screen printing system works. Instead of paper, you simply slip your t-shirt onto the print board and print.

In Stock!

In Stock!

In Stock!